Renegades Without the Trek

Renegades Without the Trek

As many might know by now, CBS and Paramount finally released official fan film guidelines earlier this week. While this was something many Star Trek fans wanted for a long time, the guidelines we received appeared to take aim at the bigger productions currently in-progress. You can find out more about this in my analysis article here. Just this morning, the crew of Star Trek: Renegades announced that they will not stop production on their current project Star Trek: The Requiem, instead they will be dropping all references to the Star Trek universe all together, making a brand new and original universe.

We, at Renegades, have nothing but the utmost respect for Star Trek and its IP holders, CBS and Paramount. Everything we have done has been because of Gene Roddenberry’s vision and creativity. Star Trek is their property and we will absolutely abide by their rules and guidelines.

That being said, we do have an obligation to our donors and fans, and we have every intention of fulfilling it to the best of our ability. So, we will continue to make “The Requiem” as promised, but without any Star Trek elements.

As you know, we’ve already begun filming “The Requiem” so we cannot halt, suspend, or postpone production. Renegades, from the get go, was designed to be transformative… not derivative. Thus, with very minor changes to our script, we have eliminated all of the Star Trek references. The good news is that Renegades is now a completely original and ongoing series.

We would like to take this time to thank CBS and Paramount for letting us play in their proverbial sandbox for as long as they did. And we’d also like to thank our loyal, creative, and passionate fans for their unending support. We truly appreciate it.

For those who don’t know, Renegades was a Kickstarter that produced a feature length film staring many previous Star Trek actors including Tim Russ and Walter Koenig with many more veterans slated for the sequel including Robert Beltran and Nichelle Nicoles. Now, going to the production’s website brings you Renegades: The Series and a new URL. The crew has worked very quickly to step away from Star Trek and seems to have done so in the hopes of providing their donors with the experience they were hoping for as best as possible without provoking the legal brass at CBS or Paramount.


So far, we have no official word on what other productions like Axanar or Star Trek Continues intend to do but the people behind Pacific 201 spoke out the other day with this to say:

The new fan film guidelines certainly limit exactly how we wanted to tell the Pacific 201 story, but we are committed to making this a virtue for our film. We’re confident that Pacific 201 will survive and thrive within these guidelines (even if it’s a little shorter and more to-the-point than we intended)!

What are your thoughts on how these productions are moving forward? Would you rather The Requiem cease production or are you glad to see something come from all of their effort? Comment below.

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4 comments on Renegades Without the Trek

  1. Meurik says:

    While my initial comment on Facebook was a bit too pessimistic, upon further review this may actually be a good thing…

    A “Trek-like” experience without it being Trek. Why not? What was unique with Trek at the time of it’s creation, was that it provided an optimistic view of the future, with people of all races and colors coming together working towards a common goal. In the process, commenting on the human condition.

    Certainly that is a description that could be used again, without infringing upon the name “Star Trek” ?

    1. I think you’re definitely right that they can continue the tone and goals of Trek without using the IP behind Trek. With that said, Renegades already tried to take a different perspective and tone on things, which is totally fine but I don’t think they compete quite as much with CBS\Paramount IP as other fan productions. The main issue for the Renegades team is that they consist of many Star Trek veterans which the new guidelines prohibit.

      1. Meurik says:

        True, but so long as Renegades is no longer billed as a Star Trek fan production, Trek Vets are allowed to participate as much or as little as they like. CBS/Paramount can’t say diddly.

        1. That is correct. CBS and Paramount cannot stop Star Trek actors from acting in other productions as long as those productions are not Star Trek fan films. Since Renegades has decided to forego any Trek relation and move forward as an independent and original story, everyone can stay on. At the time of my previous comment, I wasn’t aware Renegades had done that.

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