Grid Talk: 04 – Star Trek Horizon

Grid Talk: 04 – Star Trek Horizon

This week, on Grid Talk, I was able to sit down, well sit online, with the main man behind Star Trek Horizon, Tommy Kraft. The many of many hats and talents was nice enough to come on and answer my questions about his Horizon project, making a Star Trek fan film, and the overall process he’s been going through over the past few years. What is Star Trek Horizon? It is a fan film set after season 4 of Star Trek Enterprise during the Romulan War. For those who watched the series, many were disappointed that Enterprise never got to the Romulan War, well, Horizon is here to show us a bit about that time period on-board the NX-04 Discovery, another NX Class starship like Enterprise. So sit back, relax, and polarize the haul platting, it’s time for Grid Talk.

After listening, please stop by He’s got two different trailers available to watch as well as a gallery of photos. Also, if you’d like to help support Tommy’s ambitious Star Trek Horizon project, he’s got a PayPal donation page setup on his website in the project’s post-Kickstarter era.

Keep an eye out for Star Trek Horizon in February 2016.

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3 comments on Grid Talk: 04 – Star Trek Horizon

  1. Frank Bones McCoy says:

    I’m glad you asked him about the Refit, still would’ve liked to see. But man I’m really impressed with the work and effort that went into this. I’ll be looking forward to it.

    1. derreckmayer says:

      I am a huge fan of the refit design but I had forgotten that parts of “These are the Voyages…” took place after the Romulan War and therefore, showed that the refit didn’t happen by the point, if it happened at all. I suppose the plans for the refit were scrapped once the show was being cancelled.

      Either way, I’m excited to see something else in this time line. I always loved the NX Class Starship. Beautiful design.

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