It’s not a doll, It’s an ACTION FIGURE! – Mattel Multiverse Armored Batman Review

It’s not a doll, It’s an ACTION FIGURE! – Mattel Multiverse Armored Batman Review

Most people on January 1st were sleeping off a hangover or enjoying the day off work.  The die hard DC Comics fans were most likely planning a trip to their local toy retailer, as that day marked the official sale date for the Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice merchandise.  As a major Batman fan, finally having some collectible versions of him in his Superman fighting armored suit is amazing.  My first find is the Mattel 6″ Multiverse version.

The packaging is eye catching, featuring character artwork on the side and front.. If you are a collector that likes to keep your figures in the box, you won’t be disappointed.  It displays very well.



Batman package side

Each Dawn of Justice Multiverse character has a piece of a grapnel gun replica, so if you want the whole gun, you have to get each of the characters.  Only 4 pieces are available now, the other will be released in the future.


Batman package back

As you can see, the four figures available at the moment are Armored Batman, Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman.  However, I was at the retailer while these were unboxed, and among about 30 of the Multiverse figures, there was not even one Wonder Woman.  It seems likely that she will be the most difficult to find of the bunch.  The convenient part about that is that she comes with a part of the stand for the grapnel gun, so you can still build the actual gun without her.

The box is easy to open.  Cutting through a couple pieces of tape allows the figure tray to slide right out.


Batman open

The figure itself is has an impressive layer of detail for something at this scale.  Featuring 20 points of articulation, you will be able to put Batman into poses you never even imagined! (or maybe you have imagined those positions, no judgement here.)



Batman front


Batman back

He comes with a gun accessory, as well as his piece of the large grapnel gun replica.


Batman pose

The sculpt is good, though the paint doesn’t really show it.  It’s a very basic paint job, and a little disappointing.  A little more highlighting of the battle damage would have gone a long way.


Batman close-up

This figure is a large hunk of plastic, and despite having large feet and articulated ankles, its fairly difficult to get him to stand in anything other than basic poses.  You can do it, it just takes a lot of patience.


Batman with gun accessory

I wish he had been proportionally bigger than the other characters in this line.  Its a little odd to have him stand at the same height as characters that he should be looking down upon.


Batman and Green Arrow

Overall, I would give this character a rating of 6/10  fistfuls of Batarangs, or 3/5 Spaceships.  However you want to count it.


If you are shopping for characters in this line, make sure to look at it carefully before you purchase.  Quality control seems to be all over the place on these things.  I was looking at some of the Multiverse Batman figures, and every single one of them had this gold paint on their gloves:


Batman defect


Batman defect

A couple of them had spots on their faces as well.


Batman defect

So check and double check, you don’t want to discover a shoddy paint job when you get the figure home!

If you’re looking for the figure, it is currently available on Amazon for $19.99 and Prime shipping here.

Have you picked up any of the new Batman v Superman action figures? Comment with your thoughts.

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  1. I appreciate the review. I found myself looking at these at Wal-Mart this morning on my way into work. I just couldn’t bring myself to get this or the normal Batman figure yet. I wanted to see more info on the figures before hand. I am still wary on if I want to invest in them. But at least I know what I initially thought when I saw them is what I would be expecting if I buy them.

    1. Ryan Couture says:

      No problem! I’ll be reviewing the 12″ version of the figure later this week, so keep an eye out for that. It might be worth it to spend the extra ten bucks on the bigger one.

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